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Compared to CSCD (, current updated database, CSCD 2.0, includes several advantages:
1) A large number of samples (>1000), including ~800 tissue samples and ~300 cell line samples, with total RNA or PolyA-minus library. With these new data resources, we were able to identify significant number of more circRNAs (~2.9 millions).
2) The interactions of circRNA-microRNA and circRNA-RBP are predicted and indexed. Users can search microRNAs/ RBPs to acquire the interacted circRNAs or vice versa to search circRNAs to quire microRNAs/ RBPs. The expression of microRNAs and RBPs are also provided in CSCD 2.0 for further evaluation.
3) Due to the functional significance of the full length of circRNAs and the translational ability of circRNAs, we added additional information including full length and ORF sequence of those circRNAs in CSCD2.0.