Integrated interactional database of cancer-specific circRNAs

Detect microRNA-circRNA and RBP-circRNA interactions for cancer-specific circRNAs in multiple cancers. Tissue and cell line samples were included in this enhanced database and users can identify the potential functional pathway of circRNA involved in different cancers.
Detection of cancer-specific alternative splicing in circRNA

Detect and compare alternative splicing events in circRNA across different samples and conditions. More suitable for circRNA-Seq (total RNA and rRNA-depleted library, with RNase R digestion).
Cancer-specific circRNA database

Detect cancer-specific circRNAs in 19 cancers, predict the binding sites for microRNA, RNA binding protein, and open reading frame, and detect the alternative splicing of host genes.
Tissue-specific circRNA database

Identify and characterize tissue-specific circRNAs for more than 16 tissues from human and mouse, predict the binding sites of microRNA and RNA binding protein.
Visualization m6A database

Identify and characterize cell lines-associated m6As and develop a visualization and comparable interface for regulation and function research of m6A.
Neonatal jaundice gene and drug database

Through artificial literature mining for neonatal jaundice, we construct a manually curated database for neonatal jaundice gene and drug, supporting for the neonatal jaundice research.
Database of acute myeloid leukemia-associated lncRNAs

Detect and characterize lncRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia and classify lncRNAs according to the potential functions
Database of heart development-associated lncRNAs

Identify and characterize differential expressed lncRNAs between adult and fetal heart
A visualization and exploration tool for circRNA

Visualize and compare circRNAs across samples and predict the binding sites of microRNA and RNA binding proteins, supporting for function research of circRNA



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